Collaborate, perform and learn at STARS’ state-of-the-art auditorium! This purpose-built facility makes way for illuminating lectures, which have been a part of STARS teaching programme, concerts, cutting-edge presentations and even movie screenings for literature. Accommodating up to 150 pax at a time with its curvilinear form, students are offered a sense of intimacy through its rounded form and curved raked seating plan, much like ancient Greek theatres, by bringing them closer to presenters/performers and by providing a sense of interconnection among them.

STARS’ auditorium exudes sophistication and finesse as it is equipped with a theatre-standard surround sound system and buffered with sound proofing, enabling us to meet the needs of events without noise restraint that would otherwise cause distractions or impede the day-to-day activities of the school. The design of the acoustics naturally support both musical performances and spoken-word events while supported by a brilliant, intelligent, and easy to manage control room which will further allow us to share our unique programmes beyond the walls of the classroom and to a larger audience.

The combination of sound, video, and light produces spectacular performances that attendees will never forget.

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