Our Founder

STARS’ journey began with a single educationist’s vision to find the quickest and simplest of formulas in teaching A-Level students. In those early years of success, he realised a joy in making students who were previously underperforming in their subjects score straight A’s for the A-Level examinations. Deploying all skills, knowledge and know-how in education gained over the years, Mr Sasikumar Murthy, Founder and Owner of STARS International School, has found the ideal formula to unlocking a student’s learning potential and this tried and tested method has proven to be successful time and time again.

The educationist par excellence then extended the most valuable recipe of success to the IGCSE students around the Klang Valley area, forming STARS Learning Academy in Kelana Jaya in 2011 bringing both Cambridge A-Level and IGCSE candidates to the house of success as its fame had preceded it through the countless favourable testimonials of satisfied parents and students.

Mr. Sasikumar indeed has what it takes to propel students to higher academic levels and formed a team of like-minded educationists who spurred on the drive to further triumphs where a growing number of students began to perform outstandingly in their examinations, giving birth to the offer of the Cambridge Primary Education programme at STARS after which the institute was known as STARS International Academy in 2017.

Once in its irrevocable perpetuation, STARS catapulted to immense academic feats even with the primary division during the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations. The masses thronged at STARS exponentially, and a compelling requisite for a colossal expansion presented itself. Fast forward to March 2020, the establishment of STARS International School, a fortress like no other, has empowered this visionary educationist and his result-driven team to an enviable trailblazing position to operate a monumental international educational institution, which puts the school ahead of the proverbial pack.

As what it should be, the business of education is best left to an educationist with the heart for student excellence, and the mind of an industrious entrepreneur.

We invite you to embark on the best educational journey with us for a brighter tomorrow !


Sasikumar Murthy

Founder & Director