Our Achievements

Remarkable exam results underline the constant focus on Academic Excellence that is a trademark of STARS International School, the best school in Petaling Jaya (PJ) and Selangor. 

Our talented and dedicated teaching staff set the highest standards for our pupils, providing them with the support and encouragement they need to achieve their full potential in every subject they choose to pursue here at STARS, making their contribution to an incredible history of examination success at STARS International Academy:

Our Cambridge Primary (Year 1 – Year 6), Pre IGCSE (Year 7 –  Year 9), IGCSE (Year 10 – Year 11) and A-level students (AS & A2) have achieved a consistent stream of outstanding results since 2011 which will no doubt be transmitted to STARS International School with the same recipe for triumph.

In another year of record-breaking results, the highlights included:

Heidi Tan Swee Lin

(11 Years Old, Best Checkpoint 1 achiever, April 2018)

English [Band 6.0]

Mathematics [Band 6.0]

Science [Band 6.0]

Muhammad Hadi bin Muhammad Nazri

(10 Years Old, Best Checkpoint 1 achiever, Oct 2018)

English [Band 6.0]

Mathematics [Band 6.0]

Science [Band 6.0]

Bryan Tan Wei Han

(13 Years Old, Youngest IGCSE achiever, 2014)

6As: English, Malay, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Grace Chin Jun Li

(12 Years Old, Youngest IGCSE achiever, 2016)

5As: English, Malay, Mathematics, Physics, Biology & 1B: Chemistry

Iman Dzulhadi Shahrulanuar 

(First STARS A Level scholarship student)

IGCSE 2016: 5A* & 2As’
A-LEVEL 2018: 1A*,2A & 1B

Khoo Hui Jea

(Best A-Level achiever, 2016)

3A* (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry) and 1A (Biology)

Alisa M. Azhar

(Best A-Level achiever, 2018)

2A* (Mathematics, Chemistry) and 1A (Physics)

Uzair Iman Shahrulanuar

(14 Years Old, Youngest IGCSE achiever, 2021)

IGCSE 2021: 7A*


Deena Farhana Mohd Shahnaz

(Best IGCSE achiever, 2019)

IGCSE 2019: 7A*

Elizabeth Richard Mc Gurk

IGCSE 2019: 4A* & 3As’


Ammar Almurisi Abdul Hamid

IGCSE 2019: 5A* & 2As’

Muhammad Azib Mohammed Azman

(Best IGCSE achiever, 2020)

IGCSE 2020: 7A*


Jared Lim Yung Hann

IGCSE 2020: 6A* & 1A

Kavin Karthikeyaan 

IGCSE 2020: 3A* & 4As’


Jessc Tan Zhi

IGCSE 2020: 5A* & 2As’


IGCSE 2020: 2A* & 5As’


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