Thank you for your interest in STARS International School. We welcome children of all nationalities whose families are committed to an international educational curriculum in English. STARS is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and looks to admit candidates whom we believe will contribute to and benefit from the curriculum offered and that his/her admission will support the education of existing students.

The admission of a child to STARS is at the absolute discretion of the School based on the child’s ability to access the curriculum with the resources and support the school is able to provide. In this regard, the School generally takes into consideration various factors, including the child’s chronological age, academic ability, level of achievement relative to the School’s current students and the child’s personality traits. We take into account factors including an applicant’s prior educational and linguistic background in order to fulfil the school’s mission of facilitating conducive learning environments through an efficient administration of robust and highly driven educationists who inspire greatness and the highest excellence in academic achievement while fortifying enduring values, holding fast to integrity and developing resilient leaders as a result of exposure to a holistic curriculum.

We ensure that the rights of current students take precedence over new applications. We aim for a diverse student body to help students develop as global citizens.

The School reserves the right to be selective in only offering places to students who reach the required standards and levels of attainment necessary for admission to the school.

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